13 Tips for Bulk Cooking Family Meals

By Chrissy MacDonald

I’m a big fan of bulk cooking. When my kids were young, I discovered bulk cooking and over the years have cooked up a variety of meals using this multi-task system. With a little planning you can make several different family meals in one cooking session with extras to freeze. Bulk cooking is efficient because you’re making a few meals at once using similar ingredients and cooking times.

Bulk cooking saves money and is much healthier than buying packaged meals or relying on take-out.

Since it’s just my husband and me at home now, bulk cooking is even more convenient. I’m a vegetarian (with Greet yogurt and eggs) and my husband eats meat so I serve two different meals every night. We never eat the same thing. The bulk cooking method means I don’t have to prepare a big meal for just one person every night.

An example of a bulk cooking session would be to make two meat loaves, spaghetti sauce, a hamburger casserole for main meals and a coleslaw salad.

Here are some tips for an efficient bulk cooking session for a family:

  1. Plan your steps ahead of time.
  2. Keep a supply of heavy freezer bags, containers and labels for freezing food.
  3. Take the lean hamburger out of the freezer the day before to thaw.
  4. Cook pasta while you’re making breakfast on bulk-cooking day.
  5. Also in the morning, put non-perishable items like bottles of tomato sauce and canned tomatoes on the counter and put the pots on the stove.
  6. Fill the sink with hot soapy water and clean as you go. This will save a big mess at the end.
  7. When you’re ready, put together one or two meat loaves. Bake along with potatoes for that evening’s meal. Leftovers can be frozen later.
  8. Put the rest of the hamburger in a large pot to cook for a big batch of spaghetti sauce.
  9. While the meat is cooking, make a coleslaw salad to be used as a quick vegetable for the week.
  10. Take some of the spaghetti sauce and put together a hamburger casserole using most of the pasta you made at breakfast.
  11. Put the rest of the sauce in containers to freeze.
  12. Keep some pasta out to put in a container or bag to freeze. It can be used later thawed and mixed with tuna or chopped chicken, herbs, mayonnaise and plain yogurt for a cold pasta salad.
  13. Chop and put in a large container some red and yellow peppers, broccoli and carrots to eat raw before or with the meals.  (Note: Kids love raw vegetables with dip. Use plain yogurt with a bit of mayonnaise and herbs.)

This cooking session would take about two hours and make quite a few main meals for the week or to freeze for later use. All you need to do for dinner each night is heat up the food, add a salad or raw vegetables and bread.

Bulk cooking takes organization and practice but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy and satisfying to be able to create so many meals at once.

Bulk cooking will save hours of cooking and cleaning up on a daily basis leaving you more time to spend time doing something fun for yourself!