Don’t be a slave to your housework

By Chrissy MacDonald

As a housewife, a.k.a. home manager or homemaker, one thing I’ve discovered is you can get carried away with housework. The thing about housework is that it’s never ending.

Every day there’s dust on the table and lint on the floor, dishes to be put away and bathroom gunk to wipe clean and clothes to wash….housework never ends.

I’ve learned that unless you figure out a way to put an end to housework chores on a daily basis you can get distracted with housecleaning, organizing and doing stuff that you didn’t intend to do. Before you know it your morning is gone.

When my kids were small I’m sure I got distracted a few too many times. You start cleaning a cupboard and the next thing you know the entire kitchen is turned upside down. So I end up spending the morning organizing my kitchen instead of enjoying it with little ones or creating something, baking cookies, writing, walking or being outside in the sunshine. Or sitting down with my feet up and relaxing. (That’s ok too).

Whether you have children at home or not or whether you are home during the day or not, don’t be a slave to your house. Do you work full time and spend your days off doing housework?

Being a housewife does not mean you should spend your whole day cooking, cleaning and doing housework. That is, unless you want to. But if you get sidetracked, then something needs to change.

So what’s the answer to this never ending job?

You must plan your housework and be efficient as you would any other job.

Every morning, I do certain cleaning tasks and that’s it. No more. I know exactly what I’m going to do on a given day. If I didn’t have this plan, then I’d get distracted too easily. There’s always going to be another drawer to organize. It took me a long time to learn that housework needs to have an end.

A housewife needs to be a good home manager to avoid being worn out, over-worked, tired and frustrated. Plan your tasks to get the housework done faster and more efficiently. Leave time for yourself, your family and the things you enjoy doing.

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